How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Best Antiperspirants For Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

A comparison and review of the top 3 best antiperspirants for excessive sweating available online and in stores - rated by hyperhidrosis patients and dermatologists.

Choosing The Best Antiperspirant For Excessive Sweating

With so many different types of antiperspirants to choose from nowadays - each claiming to be able to help stop excessive sweat of the underarms, hands and feet - which antiperspirants are really the best and most effective?

After some extensive market research and testing, only a remarkably few were found to have delivered positive results and have helped users control their excessive perspiration effectively.

So if you are looking for the best antiperspirants to help prevent and stop excessive sweating, try the following 3 antiperspirants for fast and effective results!!

(Note: Antiperspirants reviewed are not ranked in any particular order.)

Certain Dri

Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On

Price: $6.29

One of the cheapest antiperspirants around, Certain-Dri is an effective clinical strength antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription.

In an independent test, Certain Dri Prescription Strength Anti-Perspirant proved more effective and longer lasting -- even 84 hours after application.

Product Features

  • Treats excessive perspiration.
  • Reduces underarm wetness.

Certain Dri contains 12% Aluminum Chloride, the active ingredient prescribed by dermatologists to patients with excessive perspiration to help block the pores to inhibit the release of sweat and help absorb odor-causing moisture.

This remarkable, non-prescription antiperspirant is applied sparingly to the underarm area before you go to bed and is guaranteed to give you superior anti-perspirant satisfaction.

The first time you use Certain Dri, don't be surprised if you experience some itching and discomfort to the underarms. Users who have used it also advised using a separate scented deodorant every day, since Certain Dri does a less than adequate job of masking any odor.

Pros: Colorless, Good Protection, Long-Lasting

Cons: Messy, Slow Drying, White Residue, Irritates Skin

Buy Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On - $6.29

Maxim Antiperspirant

Extra Strong Maxim Antiperspriant For Excessive Sweating

Price: $13.95

Extra Strong Maxim is one of the few physician recommended antiperspriants for people who suffer from uncontrollable excessive sweating under their arms. Over 1,000 dermatologists and 400 Clinics nationwide recommend Maxim Antiperspirant to their patients to stop uncontrollable underarm perspiration for good.

Product Features

  • Extra strong, clinical strength antiperspirant.
  • Clear odorless solution.
  • Reduces underarm wetness.

People who will benefit from Maxim Antiperspirant are women and men who sweat for no reasons or for teenagers experiencing hormone changes.

Maxim contains a patent-pending 15% aluminum chloride aqueous solution with a gel-like consistency and is applied sparingly at night time only using a roll-on applicator. With just a few strokes down each arm pit to affected area, each application last up to 24-96 hours of constant dry protection. One bottle typically lasts 2-3 months, depending on usage.

Pros: Extra Strong Protection, Long-Lasting

Cons: Minor Skin Irritation

Buy Extra Strong Maxim Anti-Perspriant - $13.95


Drysol Extra Strength 20% Solution

Price: $16.99

Drysol Extra Strength is only available through prescription from your doctor.

One of the best and most powerful antiperspirant around, Drysol is a prescription strength topical medication commonly prescribed by doctors for treatment of excessive sweating. Drysol is reported to work in 80 percent of the people who use it for excessive sweating.

If you have tried several different kinds of over-the-counter antiperspirants without success, Drysol is your solution.

Product Features

  • Helps stop excessive sweating effectively and quickly.
  • Only prescription strength antiperspirant.

Drysol Extra Strength contains the active ingredient aluminum chloride (hexahydrate) at 20% in anhydrous ethyl alcohol to help dry sweaty areas (underarms, hands, feet, between toes) effectively and quickly. It also helps eliminate the unpleasant odour associated with excessive sweating.

Applying Drysol Extra Strength Roll-On at night will give optimal performance. Doctors generally recommend applying it to problem areas after drying the skin completely. Wearing it only at bedtime and then washing it off in the morning with plain water reduces the chances of skin irritation.

Generally, treatment is repeated nightly until sweating is under control. This may happen after just two or more treatments. Thereafter, you can apply Drysol once or twice weekly or as needed.

Pros: Extra Strong Protection, Effective, Long-Lasting

Cons: Burning or Prickling in Treated Areas, Skin Irritation

Drysol Extra Strength 20% Solution or stronger prescriptive strength is only available through your dermatologist's approval.


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