How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Stop Excessive Sweating Naturally

Prevent and stop excessive sweating naturally without the use of drugs. Learn about the natural remedies and treatment options for managing, preventing and stopping excessive sweating naturally.

Hyperhidrosis, commonly known as excessive sweating is an unpleasant and embarrassing problem for many people. However, there are also a number of natural remedies and treatments out there that can help you stop excessive sweating naturally such as:

  • Acupuncture 
  • Healthy Diets 
  • Self Hypnosis 
  • Home Remedies 
  • Personal Hygiene 


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese therapy, uses very fine needles to help regulate the imbalance of the body's vital energy (Qi) which the Chinese believe is the root cause of excessive sweating

An FDA approved technique, acupuncture can naturally help stop excessive sweating by mellowing down the over stimulated sweat glands, regulating body temperature and enhancing the subject's overall health. Many people report dramatic fall in sweating after acupuncture treatment.

Healthy Diet

"You are what you eat", goes the popular saying. Eating healthy is one of the most feasible changes people can bring about when exploring holistic natural cures. Excessive sweating can be controlled by avoiding spicy foods. Avoid using taste enhancing foods that could induce profuse perspiration or bad odor such as garlic and onions.

Eat foods rich in B Vitamins like whole grains (cereals, breads) and proteins (fish, eggs, meats, nuts). Consuming lots of water and fresh fruits too have a positive effect.

Though all types of fresh produce is now available throughout the year, human bodies still function according to seasons. Use seasonal vegetables and fruits because they are naturally in line with bodily requirements.

Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been known to be able to help resolve all sorts of medical as well as non-medical problems.

Stop Sweating Naturally

The underlying basis of hypnosis is orienting the mind towards a desired objective so people can make appropriate choices subconsciously eventually to overcome a problem or move towards their goals.

Since excessive sweat is caused by the hyperactive signals in the sympathetic nervous system, self hypnosis can subconsciously make one feels more relaxed - thereby calming the activity of this part of the nervous system and reducing sweating. Furthermore, if you are also feeling anxious when sweating, self hypnosis can also help you overcome anxiety quickly and naturally.

This hypnosis download can help with overcoming excessive sweating

Home Remedies

Many home remedies used to prevent body odor and stop excessive perspiration involve the use of herbs including wheatgrass, tea, sage, tea tree oil, kava and apple cider vinegar.

Baking soda is another component frequently recommended to help stop excessive sweating naturally. Baking soda being an alkaline reacts with acidic sweat to produce gas which evaporates as soon as it forms. Dipping hands and feet, or bathing in warm water containing baking soda brings down sweating. Warm water opens the pores so more baking soda can enter the skin. A session lasting 15-25 minutes for five consecutive days primes the body for effective cuts in perspiration. The drying effect may initially last for a short duration but eventually extends when baking soda is used diligently.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is critical in maintaining a well groomed appearance. It is particularly effective for those experiencing mild body odor. Take frequent showers. Scrub well. Use natural personal products. Wear light garments made of natural fibers. Avoid bulky fabrics.

Considerations About Natural Remedies

Natural treatments lack scientific proof raising doubts about their effectiveness. However, absence of scientific proof does not negate inherent properties of a component.

There have been research stating natural remedies do work however may take time to show results. Long term consistent usage helps to stop excessive perspiration the natural way. At the same time, avoid pinning all hopes to a particular remedy because what works naturally for one person may not necessarily benefit another.

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